Phuket Heritage Trails was founded by a Phuket native, with an aim to promote the cultural and historical Phuket Island in responsible and educational manners. 

Phuket’s blend of cultures is obviously evident in its people and architecture – a fusion that is unique in most of Southeast Asian countries. The educational tours by ‘Phuket Heritage Trails’ are designed to take you to closer look into the unique and true charms of Phuket Island, as well as to explore some of the sites known only to locals.

We offer natural, cultural, and historical heritage experiences   showcasing local beliefs, architecture, cuisines, and lifestyle within the historical backdrop made up of the community's ethnic and religious diversity. Here are what's on offer by Phuket Heritage Trails Tour:

Meet the Locals see the Real Phuket; who are the locals, their lifestyle, custom, culture, belief, and food

Heritage Trails - five hours walking and food tour in the center of Phuket Town 

Phuket Heritage Trails stands apart from other local tours in that it is not a commercial tour jammed with commission motivated shopping diversions.

"Making a Difference" is simply our mission. It will be fun, educating, and memorable! 

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