Real Wedding Stories – Couples Who Said ‘I Do’ on the Heritage Trails

There’s nothing quite as memorable as an unforgettable wedding, yet nothing beats hearing about the most embarrassing or memorable wedding stories ever!

Jane Freundel Levey will use her expertise to “create community” as consulting curator of GW’s Washingtoniana Collection. One of her many projects involves helping curate Heritage Trails – work that has taken her all across Washington and its environs!

Donna & Andy

Imagined wedding days should always be elegant and romantic – such was the case for Chuck and Andy, whose wedding at Umstead Hotel and Spa featured stunning details that honored both family and friends alike. Cocktails were served prior to their ceremony while both a pianist and cellist serenaded the guests with stunning musical offerings!

Donna began the day at her parent’s home in Crowle and it all seemed to go smoothly, with her sisters helping her prepare, her father there to see her in her dress and see Donna walk down the aisle. It all became real for Donna once it came time.

At Donna and John’s ceremony there was plenty of laughter and smiles; some tears were shed when the pastor discussed their recently deceased grandfathers, whom Donna carried a beautiful pendent for. Also rememberance candles were set up around church grounds. Their first dance was memorable with both of them spinning each other around under falling confetti!

Adam & Aimee

Aimee and Adam wanted their wedding day to be elegant, romantic and slightly rustic. To achieve this goal they chose Avon Ridge Winery on the outskirts of Maffra in Victoria for its picturesque rolling hills and rows of golden grapevines – perfect!

Aimee had a special hand tying ceremony during her reception with ribbons that held pieces from her mother’s dress, lockets containing photographs of grandparents, and other sentimental objects – sharing her love with all their guests through this meaningful tradition.

Adam gave an adorable yet touching speech about Aimee that brought tears to everyone in the room! It was truly touching!

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Evelyn & John

An island couple shares their story of how they exchanged vows surrounded by natural beauty.

Carrie Camillo Tankard and Elaine Cawley Weintraub have collaborated to bring African Americans’ story into Martha’s Vineyard schools.

John Evelyn led an eventful life during the seventeenth century in England. As both an artist and diarist, he played an influential role in shaping both Chelsea and Greenwich Hospitals as major development projects, was appointed Commissioner for sick seamen during Dutch wars, designed churches gardens buildings for public use as well as treatises on art gardening engraving pollution and coins – among many other achievements.

This first comprehensive portrait of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn’s friendship revolutionizes our understanding of their times. Although their personalities differed significantly – Pepys was earthy and shrewd while Evelyn was refined and aesthetic – their bond was held together by shared interests such as diary-keeping, theater performances, travel, libraries and library use; additionally they collaborated closely on projects to restore London streets as well as gardening.

Becky & Kaylee

Kaylee and Camron met while working at a hibachi restaurant in Pikeville, Kentucky. For their first two years together they did long distance dating; Kaylee attending Tennessee while Camron playing basketball for IUPUI in Indianapolis. Each night, they would FaceTime each other and bond over shared passions such as sports, music and family.

Their love story was one of a kind, and we absolutely adored being part of their wedding day!

Dubuque’s Heritage Trail runs through scenic parts of Northeast Iowa. A proposal has been advanced that would permit ATV’s and UTV’s onto it for a small fee; Jack Driscoll of Dubuque E-Bikes opposes this proposal citing safety issues as well as potential damage to the trail itself.

The Heritage Trail Foundation is working to introduce Martha’s Vineyard’s African American history into Vineyard schools through education programs. Recently, they unveiled an African American Heritage Trail of Martha’s Vineyard site dedicated to Graves Machine & Tool Company which opened its doors in 1895 as an integral stop on the Underground Railroad network.

Rachel & John

Rachel and John are one of the most adored couples on television, having debuted as part of season 2 of 90 Day Fiance spinoff and winning over viewers’ hearts with their playful personality. After meeting on an online karaoke app they fell in love singing duets together and eventually married on her second trip back with Lucy for Lucy’s father to England. Unfortunately though getting Jon’s visa approved proved challenging due to his past criminal record.

They held an elegant ceremony before an enormous gathering of family and friends. Donna did an outstanding job coordinating their special day! Plus they got plenty of photographs with all their loved ones!

Rachel & John were able to enjoy their reception at Oliver’s with close friends and celebrate in style! Additional special touches included an open bar, cigar bar and band (Wolfe & Nation). Our team was so honored to work alongside these lovely couple! Rachel & John were an absolute joy to work with; we can’t wait to see what their future brings them!